07 January, 2009

Woody Allen's Love Affair With Europe

by Sandy Mandelberger, North American Editor

Woody Allen, long known as the “quintessential New York filmmaker” has been having a love affair with European locations in the late renaissance of his 40 year career in film. With VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, shot in Barcelona and in various Spanish locations, Allen has scored a late-career hit with both critics and audiences. The film has been in constant theatrical release since the summer, making it one of the Woodster’s most financial successful efforts.

The film continues a trend of shooting in Europe, which began with the warmly received MATCH POINT three years ago. That film, shot in London, gave Allen a whole new urban palette to explore. While he continues to live in New York, his new production ventures are taking him across the pond. At a press conference held in Paris right before Christmas, Allen announced that he plans on shooting his next film in the City of Lights. “I’ve always wanted to shoot a whole film here, and I have a screenplay all set that would be perfect”, Allen announced. “I wrote the screenplay a few years ago but when I tried to get it going then, it was just too expensive. Now with the production tax credit in Paris, the financing should work and we can film in the next year or so.”

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