03 April, 2012

Nanni Moretti Retrospective In New York

by Sandy Mandelberger, North American Editor

On the eve of the release of his newest film WE HAVE A POPE, a satire on the behind the scenes drama and shenanigans of the Vatican, the IFC Film Center in lower Manhattan is presenting a retrospective of the director Nanni Moretti’s work, entitled La Vita E Cinema: The Films Of Nanni Moretti. The Italian actor/director is best known for the films CARO DIARO (1994) and THE SON’S ROOM (2001), two celebrated films that are more serious than his usual penchant for broad comedy and social satire. This complete retrospective offers the chance to discover the filmmaker’s lesser known oeuvre, including BIANCA (1984), with Moretti starring as a shy math teacher in a high school under attack by a serial killer; PALOMBELA ROSSA (1989), in which a water polo match becomes a metaphor for the Italian left; and THE CAIMAN (2006), about a shlock film producer who agrees to finance a film attacking former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. For information on the complete series, visit:

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